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Dart - Y6

Welcome to Dart!


Review of our Autumn Term in Dart

Dart is home to the most amazing year 6’s in the world. We’ve got a fabulous teacher, there is never a dull moment with Mrs Lewis. Even geography is exciting!


Fairytale writing:

Meanwhile in Dart we have been planning to create a fabulous, fantasy fairytale. First we listened to Hansel and Gretel which we all enjoyed. After we completed our plot skeletons, Mrs Lewis revealed to us the first paragraph of her own fairytale. Then using that knowledge we have been able to write our own which we are coming to an end of. This activity has improved our ability to think imaginatively and write descriptively.


In PE this term we have been looking in depth at Netball. We have had an interhouse tournament and Mallards won with fourteen points they were very good and had great teamwork. Next term (after Christmas) we are going to be doing dance and we’re going to have a special visit from a professional dancer. We have also done some tournaments including a swimming gala, football tournament (which we won!!!) and also a tag rugby tournament which went well. Coming up we have a handball and netball tournament.


Play: The Amazing Adventures of Superstan.

This production has been challenging in many ways, especially learning our lines. Mrs Killeen is our music teacher and has helped us along the way with both the songs and words! There’re a lot of jokes and they are comically good. There is a lot of ballet, pop, Macarena and wind!! J



This term we have been on two school trips one of which was outdoors; we went to see the Tour of Britain. It went through Crediton, we walked there and we were amazed by how fast they were and it was awesome to see Sir Bradley Wiggins. We also went to see Pinocchio at the Northcott which was incredible. It was kind of creepy when Pinocchio’s conscience appeared and it was really cool because they made a moving mouth out of their hands.              

   This spectacular report was written  by Josh L and Otto

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