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A Review of Exe's Exciting Autumn Term

This term, we have been learning about fairy tales. We learned the structure of fairy tales by reading The Princess’ blankets by Carol Ann Duffy. This gave us the opportunity to use our imagination, creativity and different styles of painting to understand the story better. We listened to inspirational soundtracks to achieve a spooky atmosphere, in preparation for our writing. Geoff, a great storyteller, came in to retell us the story of Little Red Riding Hood. He told us a couple of different endings. This tells us that there are multiple versions of many fairy tales in existence around the world. This experience made the story come to life through his voices, as well as his actions. By using all these techniques he created an atmosphere in our heads. This all led to us completing a major piece of writing.

In science we were learning about forces. We have looked at air and water resistance, gravity and friction. We have also looked at magnetism. The explorer dome is a giant tarpaulin half sphere which sits on the ground. The dome was too big for the school hall so we had to put it in the nearby Parish Hall. Inside the dome images were projected onto the grey walls. These images showed us lots of different examples of forces. There were people in the dome showing us experiments of forces. One example was: a normal piece of paper and a scrunched up piece. These were then dropped to see which hit the floor first against the air resistance.

We also walked up to Crediton High Street and watched the Tour of Britain. The cyclists came quite close to us on their way past. We were looking for Bradley Wiggins and he was near the back because he was saving his energy for a sprint finish. A few days later we watched the whole race in Dart class

Exe Class made and sold biscuits to all of the pupils and teachers in school. We did this to raise some money to purchase some new chickens. Chickens are important to us because they lay eggs which we can sell to parents and visitors. It also helps to teach us about animal handling and being responsible for them (ensuring that they have enough food and water for the night). This is an important skill to learn.

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