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Dart - Y6

Monday 18th January 2021


Hello Dart,

I hope you are all well - it all takes a bit of getting used to though doesn't it?


Next week (week beginning 25th January) your learning for the week will be on eschools. Your parents will receive more details about this including your log-in, in the next day or two.


To keep things straightforward, the Maths and English that you do at home will be exactly the same as the Maths and English that you will do if you come into school. This means that if you are coming into school on a Wednesday it is important that you have done Monday and Tuesday's work at home before you come in.


Our learning in the afternoons is going to follow a mini theme each week. For the frst week we are going to be looking at Endangered Animals. Try to do one of the activities each day. You can of course find out more about a theme for yourself if you are particularly interested. I would love to hear what you find out.


I will be organising a zoom with the class on Tuesday afternoon so look out for more information about that too.


Remember you can email me at if you have any questions or anything you would like to tell me.

I'm looking forward to seeing you - even if it is over zoom!


Take care


Mrs Powell

Suggested timetable for your day

Early morning exercise (like a Joe Wicks workout)

Maths lesson

Break, with some outside time if possible

English lesson

Lunch, with some outside time if possible

Afternoon Topic activity (choose 5 over the week)

Active play, screen break time

Quiet reading and talking about your book with an adult, listening to our Class Novel


Week beginning 18th January 2021




Pick 3 words to learn from the statutory lists each week

Week beginning 18th January 2021
Mini topic: Endangered Animals

Our mini topic for this week is Endangered Animals.

Before you have a go at the activities why not have a look at these video clips. I have also attached a PowerPoint - if you keep clicking on each animal you will find lots of information.

Here are 7 activities about Endangered Animals. Try 5 over the week. I'd love to see photos!

#FeelgoodFifteen with Sing Up: led by Emily Barden

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Dart and Exe - Music - Endangered Animals

Have fun getting to grip with Music Lab and singing!

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