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Learning Behaviours - 4Rs

Although we think that it is important that children learn new skills and knowledge, we also want them to learn to be better at learning itself. For this reason, we talk in school about the Four Rs of Learning. These are four words which describe things that we need to have to be successful learners whatever type of learning we’re doing.


Resilience – enjoy the feeling of learning

Be engrossed in what you are doing

Manage your distractions - recognise them and reduce them

Notice what is happening

Persevere, stick at it and keep going


Reflectiveness – take charge of your learning

Plan in advance

Revise and adapt along the way

Use your past experiences

Understand how you learn


Reciprocity – learning  with and from others

Learn alone and with others

Collaborate with others, use your team

Listen to others, put yourself in their shoes

Pick up the others’ good habits


Resourcefulness – thinking in different ways

Question and be curious

Make links

Imagine how things might be

Reason about why things are like that

Make use of the resources around you