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Outdoor Learning

We have fantastic grounds at Sandford which give us plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning. Our field has lots of space for sports activities as well as wilder areas providing habitats for many plant and animal species.

Children across the school take part in weekly outdoor learning activities with their class teachers that make links with the curriculm based activities being undertaken in the classrooms. These activities may be physical,  creative, scientific. There are no limits on what we can learn from our outdoors!

An annual BioBlitz event is held at Sandford School at which expert naturalists, the children and their teachers, friends and family work together to do a fast and intensive survey of all forms of life on our grounds. It’s a race to find as many different species of plants, birds, insects, fungi, mammals,  and everything else as possible in 24 hours! Everything that we find is written down to make a ‘species record’ which feeds into national databases that monitor our wildlife. Every year more and more species are found in our grounds. In 2014, 365 species were found, that’s 141 more than in the first BioBlitz carried out in 2011.