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Important information: Zoom class meeting every Monday and Friday.

Fridays at 2:20 pm

Mondays at 1:45 pm

Emails have been sent out with ID number and passwords. Next Zoom class meeting is on Friday 22nd January at 2:20pm. Please can you all bring a pencil and paper to the meeting, as I have some games planned!

Looking forward to seeing and talking to you all.

Take care, Mrs Lake 😊 

smileyTerrific Tavy - you are my Lockdown Learning Legends!smiley


Monday 18th January

Message from Mrs Lake smiley


Hello Terrific Tavy ! 


I hope you've all had a great week and a fantastic weekend. It's been a strange week for me staying at home everyday and not being able to go out. I managed to use my time at home productively though and have kept very busy by sorting out all of my teaching resources and folders. I even have found time to wash and cut Mitzi's hair (she wasn't impressed at all)!  

What interesting things have you been doing at home? I would love to hear about your adventures and news. 


I am very excited to tell you all that E-schools has now arrived. I have been enjoying exploring the new learning platform and finding out about all the amazing things we can do on it. Sometime this week, you will receive your own login and you will be able to access the learning platform. By next week, all your home learning will be posted onto our E-Schools class page and we will be able to use this platform as a way of communicating with each other. As E-schools isn't fully up and going yet, (as I am still finding my way around it), I have put all the links for this week's learning onto this page. 

E-schools is fantastic and I am sure that you will all love it!


Here is an outline of the learning for the week beginning 18th January:

OAK ACADEMY: In English, we are starting a 2-week block of learning about designing and writing an advertisement for a healthy snack. The unit focuses on using persuasive language to advertise a product. I’m really looking forward to being persuaded and excited about seeing what products you have created for your advertisement!


WHITE ROSE: In maths, we are going to continue exploring multiplication and division that we started at the end of last term. The unit explores multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit and dividing 2 digits by 1 digit. There are 5 lessons which each have a powerpoint and activities for you to work through. Remember to practise your multiplication facts and fact families, as this will greatly help you to work out the problems.


Our mini-topic during each afternoon this week is 'Circus'.  I have thought of a selection of activities for you to choose from to complete at home. I would like you all to have a go at five of these activities and share your work by sending it to me on our class email address: or by using E-Schools (when you have your login!).


SUGGESTED daily outline for home learning:

Begin day with some form of exercise

Mental maths 

Maths from White Rose 

Break - try to get out for some fresh air

English from Oak Academy


Listen to Mr Larkman's audio of the next chapter of 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe' and complete the reading comprehension about the chapter.

Lunch - try to get out for some fresh air 

Afternoons - Topic activities - choose five from the suggestions, completing one per afternoon.

Try to have some 'no screen time'  during the day. 

Remember to talk to someone about your feelings and share with them what your day has been like. 

Read before you go to bed, it's a nice way to switch off and relax. 


I'm missing you all so much. 


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling 

Mrs Lake smiley

Home learning for week beginning 18th January 2021 

Week overview of English learning

The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe - chapter 8 read by Mr Larkman

Reading comprehension on chapter 8 of 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe'

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe' chapter 9 read by Mr Larkman

Reading comprehension on chapter 9 of 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe'

The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe - chapter 10 read by Mr Larkman

Reading comprehension on chapter 10 of 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe'

Maths learning for week beginning 18th January 


#FeelgoodFifteen with Sing Up: led by Emily Barden

Join us for an exciting fifteen minutes of singing and musical fun for children, led by Emily Barden. Tune in to #FeelgoodFifteen every Tuesday at 9am to get...

Year 3 and 4 - Sandford School Music - The Circus

Music lesson for w/c Monday 18th January 2021

Makaton - Chloe's day at the circus

Congratulations to ELLIE for being top of the leader board in Spelling Frame last week! angel

Congratulations also to ADAM (second week in a row), who has the most coins on TTRS! angel WOW!

What amazing scores Ellie and Adam, keep up the great work. yes

2020 and moving positively into 2021!


What a productive and fun Autumn term we had in Tavy! It was fantastic seeing the children grow and develop throughout the term and to see them respond so enthusiastically to each and every learning opportunity. I am extremely proud of the way children returned back to school, after lockdown, with such positive thoughts.


So what exciting learning happened in Tavy during the Autumn term? 


The theme for Autumn term was 'Amazon Adventures'. We started the term with an 'Amazon Exploration Day' where everyone came dressed up as rainforest explorers and animals. During the day, we learnt how to make a campfire, make and cook our own bread, build rainforest dens, and to identify trees and bugs. We also flew virtually through the Amazon rainforest, so that we could see what this amazing place is like.

During the first half term in English, we used texts to research the Amazon rainforest and all the amazing life that lives within it. We used our research and facts to write our own non-chronological reports about rainforests (each focusing on a different aspect). Once completed, we shared and read our reports to Yeo class. In the second half of term, we looked at the classical story of the 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe'. We used this text as a stimulus for writing our own adventure stories about being teleported through a portal into the rainforest. Once again, we shared and read our stories to Yeo class.

In Maths, we followed the White Rose scheme of learning. We explored place value, addition, subtraction, measurement (focusing on length and perimeter), multiplication and division. Every day we developed our skills of working out calculations mentally, as well as continuing to build upon our knowledge of multiplication facts.  

In theme, we found out about the different types of rainforests and their locations around the world. We learnt all about the layers in a rainforest and their characteristics. We researched the animals that live in each layer, as well as finding out about the tribes that live in this beautiful place. In art, we learnt about the skills of sketching and shading and used these skills to draw a variety of rainforest animals. In science, we explored the unit of 'Plants'. We dissected plants to see what their insides looked like and used this to help us name and identify their different parts. We learnt about deforestation and decided to do our part by planting acorns. We have been caring for our acorns and finding out what they need to ensure that they grow successfully and healthy. 

In PE we have been exploring the skills which underpin football, tag rugby, hockey and handball. We loved learning about handball, a sport that we all hadn't played before.


As you can see, the term has been jam packed with new and exciting learning opportunities. As the term progressed, it was lovely seeing the classroom slowly transform into a rainforest and the children bringing in their own home learning to share with others. All pupils loved finding out about the Amazon and seeing why it is so important.  


I am really looking forward to the Spring term and can't wait to see what new opportunities the term will bring.

Tavy are simply Terrific. I am the lucky teacher to have them as my class!


Mrs Lake smiley 





Photos - Autumn term 2020

'Amazon Adventures'

Tavy's terrific learning in Autumn 2020

Acorns into oak trees - our part to help with deforestation.
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