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Week ending 30th April:

Congratulations to ISABELLE for being top of the leader board in Spelling Frame! angel

Congratulations also to ADAM, who has the most coins on TTRS! angel WOW!

What amazing scores Isabelle and Adam, keep up the great work. yes

From lockdown to spring 2021!


Thank you to everyone for all the amazing home-school learning during lockdown and for keeping going through some very difficult times. I appreciate all the hard work completed and for all the photos sent of all the amazing activities completed. 


Finally, we came out of lockdown and 'Terrific Tavy' were able to get back together as a whole class. It was so lovely seeing the children's faces on their return to school and to hear the chatter in the classroom once again.

What a productive and fun end to the spring term we had in Tavy! It was fantastic seeing the children grow and develop throughout the term and to see them respond so enthusiastically to each and every learning opportunity presented to them. I am extremely proud of the way children returned back to school, after lockdown, with such positive thoughts and a great willingness to learn more.


So what exciting learning happened in Tavy during the spring term 2021? 


The theme for the second half of spring term was 'Springtime'.

We started the term with a wellbeing week where we explored our feelings, reaffirmed our friendships and built upon our skills of  resilience and being kind to others. 

In English, we studied poetry and analysed poems about springtime. We went on springtime walks around the school grounds and found evidence of spring. During these walks we used our senses to help describe what we could see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Photographs of spring flora and fauna, further developed our understanding of the features of spring. We used all this knowledge and experiences to help us write our own spring poems, which we displayed in class for everyone to read. 

In Maths, we used the White Rose scheme of learning to consolidate our understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Every day we developed our skills of working out calculations mentally, as well as continuing to build upon our knowledge of multiplication facts. We also further developed our skills of reasoning and problem solving.

In theme, the whole school worked on images of springtime. Each class displayed their works of art onto classroom windows, to create a whole school window wanderland. Tavy developed their skills of sketching, colour mixing and drawing using fine pens, to create images of dandelion clocks on sunset backgrounds. 

In PSHE, we followed the scheme 1Decision and looked at Relationship and Sex Education. Our focus this term was learning about what inappropriate and appropriate touch means. We explored what these terms meant and what we could do if we feel uncomfortable. 

In PE we developed our skills of  football, focusing on dribbling, passing, defending, attacking and shooting. Building on these skills enabled us to play small mini games of football.

As you can see, the term was jam packed with new and exciting learning opportunities for all. As the term progressed, it was lovely seeing the classroom slowly transform into a beautiful spring garden and the children bringing in their own home learning to share with others. All pupils loved finding out about the season of spring and being able to identify spring flora and fauna.


I am really looking forward to the summer term and can't wait to see what new opportunities the term will bring.

Tavy are simply Terrific. I am the lucky teacher to have them as my class!


Mrs Lake smiley 





Photos - Autumn term 2020

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Acorns into oak trees - our part to help with deforestation.
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