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Visions and Values


Our Vision for Sandford


It is our aim that Sandford is the best school it can be for each of its pupils.

Our high expectations seek to ensure children achieve their potential, enjoy their time here and learn to work well with others.

Our curriculum is enhanced by our focus on outdoor learning and place at the heart of our village community.

Sandford is a school where children are valued as individuals, where they learn to be learners and where their wellbeing is nurtured.

Sandford is a school where children are Enjoying Learning Together



Enjoying a safe, nurturing and inclusive school

Enjoying being children

Enjoying our learning each day

Enjoying the opportunities of a broad and balanced curriculum



Learning to know how to be a lifelong learner

Learning from each other and practical, first hand experiences

Unlocking barriers to learning

Learning that we are all unique



Engaging with our village community

Working in partnership with our families

Reaching our potential together with our peers and teachers



Our whole school community was invited to contribute to our vision statement.

We also asked everyone to identify how our values of Enjoying Learning Together permeate our daily work at Sandford.